UGX2,990,000 UGX2,700,000

Modern Local Solar aided kitchens are permanently built at home, orphanage, community place, organisation… 

  • 3 burner Solar kitchen constructed & Finished
  • Domestic Oven
  • Solar system Pack
  • Re-usable rocks for 1 year
  • Full installation pack
  • 2 year warranty


The Solar Aided cook stove is a multipurpose stove that uses a combination of reusable volcanic rocks, charcoal or charcoal dust (olusenyete) and it is powered by the solar system which helps to power the inbuilt air system that runs forced air to the stones to increase the heat, light up and off the stove and you can regulate your desired fire intensity.

The solar stove is;

  • clean
  • cost saving.
  • smoke free.
  • cooks very fast.
  • flexible to use.
  • cooks fast
  • saves 80% of the charcoal bills
  • You can regulate your desired fire intensity.

Masrcorp offers solar Aided kitchens at the lowest prices to help you save more with great value.


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